7 Reasons to Camp at  Holiday Shores Campground

We loved Holiday Shores Wisconsin Dells campground so much we stayed two weeks!!!!  Never, have we ever stayed at a single campground for two weeks in a row, but I could tell from the website and from everything our friends told us that we could probably move in for the summer and still find fun things to do!

First off (yes, every camper wants to know this first) the bathrooms and showers are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  Ceramic tile in the showers is just the beginning.  So yes, fellow campers the bathrooms rock!

Second, splurge and get the river sites, it didn’t cost that much more, but the site was so much more spacious and the view, right on the river was unforgettable.  We could only stay at the river site one week (they are super popular and it was booked already the second week.)

Third, pool vs. beach, beach vs. pool…the answer is…BOTH!  Our days at the campground usually consisted of beach in the morning, lunch back at the site, then pool in the afternoon or evening.  We loved them both and had tons of fun at both.  I think most of our memories will come from those two venues.

Fourth, rent, rent, rent!!!  When you come to Holiday Shores, you will realize they are have the prime marina in the Wisconsin Dells and everyone wants to rent water craft here.  We were able to try out most things.  We rented paddle boards, paddle boats, fishing boats, kayaks, and pontoons.  This kept us super busy and we were all together making exceptional memories.

Fifth, enjoy the location!  There are so many things to do in the area, we left the campground a few times to enjoy Wisconsin Dells.  We went downtown Dells, Devil’s Lake State Park, Buckhorn State Park, and tubing at Sandy Shores.  This was a non-water park trip for us, but there are plenty of those in the Dells too!

Six, eat the ice cream!  That’s all, just eat it, often!

Seven, Fun activities planned all week.  There is a “Dive-in” theatre, and we enjoyed the DJ and dance!  There is a list at the office for the activities each week.

Eight, the staff is so welcoming, helpful, kind, pleasant, friendly and the list could go on and on…oh…and hardworking!

Nine, Wednesday and Saturdays at 6pm be ready to have a blast on the firetruck!  Jump on the fire truck to tour around the campground and spray your campmates with fire hoses!!!  Or bring water balloons, pails or bowls and throw water at the kids on the fire truck.  Either way it is a great time!

Go to Holiday Shores in Wisconsin Dells and enjoy a weekend or two weeks, there is plenty to do and the sites are just beautiful!  Don’t miss a sunset!

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