Devil’s Lake State Park, Wisconsin

Devil’s Lake State Park is the most visited State Park in Wisconsin, and it is no wonder!!  Years ago, we camped at Devil’s Lake and it was one of our all-time favorite spots.  Obviously, everyone loves Devil’s Lake because this year we could not make reservations for the week we wanted to camp, so we camped about 20 minutes away at a private campground.

We spent a day at Devil’s lake during our vacation, even though we didn’t camp there.  It is an excellent day trip!  Our day started by going to the South Shore.  We went into the camp store and picked up at park map, then the boys headed out on a hike.  I had an injured shoulder so I had to sit this hike out, or at least take an easier route.

They headed up the Balanced Rock trail which is just under a half mile but it is straight up hiking up uneven rocky staircases.

It was a hard climb but it resulted in beautiful views.  Devil’s Doorway trail was an easy loop after completing Balanced Rock.  Even though these types of hikes are difficult, and maybe there was some complaining, both boys were super proud of themselves when they go to the top.

At the top they took East Bluff trail, which is almost two miles.  There are a few tight spots and stone steps, but again the view is just unforgettable!

I parked the truck on the North Shore and headed to meet them on the East Bluff trail.  My hike consisted of ascending stone steps and beautiful views.

When we met they were exhausted but happy they did the hike, and immediately said “Let’s go swimming!”  it was a very hot day!

My favorite part of Devil’s Lake State Park is the beach and the lake.  If you read our blog enough you know what a beach lover I am!!  Well, a Wisconsin beach in August is just as beautiful as a Florida beach.  There were kayaks, paddle boards and paddle boats to rent.






We swam, kayaked, ate ice cream, shopped at the camp store (one of the BEST camp stores in state parks or private campgrounds EVER!!) and had a picnic!


Make sure that Devil’s Lake State Park is on your list of places to visit on your summer vacation.


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23 thoughts on “Devil’s Lake State Park, Wisconsin

    • admin Post authorReply

      It’s Indian named translated into “Mystic Lake” but area developers didn’t think that would attract people…so they changed it to Devil’s Lake. And….well it is the most popular State Park in Wisconsin!

  1. Ashley Reese Reply

    When I went to Devil’s Lake, it was only for a couple of hours but I would love to go back for a longer visit! That hike looks fun!

    • admin Post authorReply

      Ashley, It is so amazing! I can stay for a week and still be lost in it’s beauty!

  2. Danielle Reply

    Devil’s Lake is one of our favorite places! Looks like you had beautiful weather for your hike. Nice pictures!

    • admin Post authorReply

      Danielle, It’s the best, right!! It’s like the state park for VIPs!! LOL

  3. alison Reply

    It always amazes me how many wonderful state parks this country has. Now I know where to visit in Wisconsin. Beautiful views and a lake to boot with a beach. Perfect.

    • admin Post authorReply

      I think they were sitting there catching their breath!! It was a hard hike!

  4. Kristi @ Way Beyond The Norm Reply

    We love to frequent state parks, so we’ll have to make it to Devil’s Lake sometime in the future. The hiking looks amazing. Those are the types of trails that I like…wide paths, tree cover, and some stones for staircases. Love it!

    • admin Post authorReply

      Can’t wait for you to go Kristi! Make sure you give us your opionion when you get back!

    • admin Post authorReply

      Thanks! I love taking pictures, nice to have a fun purpose while hiking!

  5. Janine Reply

    What a beautiful place! It looks so peaceful. Though that rock hike is no joke!

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