Magic Kingdom Day 1

To say we were excited to start our Disney vacation would be an understatement.  If there was a word that means my head is going to explode, while I pee my pants, while I am screaming to the point of crying?  Well, that would be the word I need to describe our family traveling together to have our first visit to Disney together!


From our resort it was super easy to jump on buses to every park.  We didn’t need to walk far from our room to the bus area, and it was always a short wait (maybe 10 min) for the bus to come and carry us away to the park of our choice.  Today we are heading to The Magic Kingdom!


The entrance to Magic Kingdom is the train station with a beautiful display of colorful flowers and just makes you feel the Disney Magic from your first step in the park.  We took the train around the park later in the day, to cool off and to get a different view of the park.  What I didn’t know about the train ride is the Disney Magic includes little scenes that guests can ONLY see if they take the train ride. We did not include the pictures here, so you can see them for yourself!


After we enjoyed the entrance we begin walking down Main Street Disney!  Main Street Disney is like the most magical “Red Carpet” entrance EVER!!!  We love recreating statues, so this is exactly what we did as walked down Main Street.


When we finally got to the castle, the park was not officially open yet, we waited around and something magical happened.  Our friends appeared!  We knew they were at the parks the same week we were but there is no way we could have known we would literally run into each other!  Must be Disney Magic!


When the rope dropped, Mason and Marty went to Thunder Mountain roller coaster.  Mason loves roller coasters and we always try to get him to as many roller coasters as we can, because that’s what memories are made of!


I could do an entire separate post about the entire FastPass process, because that is some crazy business, but I will leave that to the Disney experts!  Our Fast Passes included It’s a Small World (a traditional ride I wanted my kids to experience), Pirates of the Caribbean (we could have ridden this twenty times and our boys would have said “Again!”) and Tomorrowland Speedway (which had a two hour wait when we went so whoo hoo for us!)


Other really awesome things we did was Peter Pan’s Flight, we loved this ride!  Our boys are 9 and 11 and they even thought this ride had a unique angle of looking at the story.  We didn’t have a Fastpass for this but the line was mostly inside an air conditioned building with fun pictures and scenes to look at while we waited.  Of course Cooper had to replicate the Captain Hook picture.


Swiss Family Robinson is such an experience, it seems so simple but it really brings the imagination alive, walking up and through the Swiss Family Robinson tree.  I could have taken pictures forever as we wound around and around looking at different scenes as we went.  When we read the Plaque we all thought it described our family.


Besides recreating statues and pictures another thing we love to do is find unique ways to capture pictures.  We found a few unique and fun ways to capture the Magic Kingdom castle through the Swiss Family Robinson Tree, through Gaston’s Tavern window, as the sky was darkening and with Walt.  What are some of your favorite castle pictures?


I’ve saved the best for last!  I am a Boy Mom, I enjoy and immerse myself in all things boys.  HOWEVER, if we are going to the Magic Kingdom then we are going to enjoy the Princesses!  Because in actuality, I am a girly girl!  Do you know what I did?  I made my boys go to Cinderella’s Castle for lunch with me!! And they liked it!!!  If you have girls or boys try this out!  I know there are two different table service princess lunches, I went with Cinderella, because I just wanted to be in the castle!  The food was yummy, the desserts were even better, and the air conditioning and someplace to sit for an hour was the best! (I liked my picture with Snow White the best, but all the princesses where present!)


On our way out we couldn’t walk by the cast members holding the huge balloon boquets!  Before going I had read in a Disney FB group that if you ask they will let you take a picture with the balloons so that’s what we did!


We had a great day at the Magic Kingdom, it was truly magical!  We not only loved all the rides, attractions and shows (Go to the Laugh Factory, hillarious!!), we also loved going into all the shops!  Especially the candy shop!


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6 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom Day 1

  1. Christen Reply

    Looks like you guys had a wonderful time at the Magic Kingdom! I grew up attending the park pretty regularly, and it always warms my heart to see the younger generation enjoying their time there.

  2. Cyndi Reply

    All of your pictures are great and you bring it alive. I want to be able to take everyone of my kids and grands one day! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sarah Reply

    I loved this post. It completely took me back to April when we were there, especially dinner in the Castle. I wanna go again. You write so beautifully, taking in each detail. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Tiffany Reply

    The kids looking in to the candy shop is such a great photo! :0D It makes me giggle.
    I just love WDW. I am captured, even by photos! Great post!

    • admin Post authorReply

      We were there so early and that was the only shop open, but I told them they couldn’t buy anything yet..LOL

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