Secret Revealed:  Gourmet Camp Doughnuts

I often am asked about my camp doughnuts, and I don’t always share the secrets to making them absolutely perfect, but today I am!!  Lucky YOU!

Camp Doughnuts are perfect for a family of three or a large group of thirty.  Have everyone bring a topping to share and it will be a huge hit, and become a family tradition, just like ours.

To start buy a tube biscuit, the brand does not matter, they all turn out super yummy!! I usually count two for each person if we are adding toppings and three if we are just dusting with sugar.

First secret, assign a dedicated doughnut cooker!  Their only job is to focus on cooking the doughnuts, they cannot be bothered with toppings or other breakfast foods.

Pour oil into sauce pan on camp stove.  Heat the oil, I usually flick a little water into the oil, if it sizzles then it is ready.

Remove biscuits from the tube (special pop sound), take one biscuit and poke a hole in the center, pull the biscuit slightly to make the hole pronounced.  I cook three at a time.

Second secret, fry doughnut till just pass golden brown.  Golden brown tends to leave the insides not done all the way.  As you can see in the picture the color is a deep brown.  This takes a little practice, but once your doughnut cooker gets it, they will be able to do it over and over again.

Place the doughnuts on a paper plate with paper towel, so the oil can drain.  I cook two tubes then hand them over to the kids for topping.

Third secret, eat them when warm!  Never let them completely cool, don’t plan on left-overs because the doughnut gets very tough.  Then it is hard to eat and the taste is not so good.  I expect quality control and everyone knows when they are eating a camp doughnut it will be fresh.

We either do one of two things; dust with sugar or heap on the toppings.  Dusting with sugar is easy and doesn’t add any extra sweets.  Sometimes I do this when the kids have had enough ice cream and sweets while camping.  Then we add scrambled eggs and bacon with one doughnut each, yum!!!

Adding toppings is a fun activity especially when you are camping with a group.  We like to take pictures of each of them or name them, it’s a lot of fun!  Some popular toppings are canned frosting, candy bar pieces, sprinkles and sometimes fresh fruit.

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2 thoughts on “Secret Revealed:  Gourmet Camp Doughnuts

  1. Mary Reply

    Yum! These are my favorite and why I am addicted to donuts to this day…( It has to be the reason…right?)
    Never had all the toppings though but they look fantastic!

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