Naples and Friends

We usually travel with two types of accommodations, camping and resorts. This trip to Naples Florida had us with a different type of accommodations and that was with friends.  These are some of our dearest friends who are the so very hospitable.  We loved our time sharing meals, chatting about “the old days” and just being together.  While we were in Naples we spent much of our time either at their house in the pool or at the beach.  For our regular readers you know it isn’t unusual that we find any opportunity to enjoy water!  We also went to Tin City, which is a collection of shops and restaurants.  Our boys loved looking in all the fun shops!

One evening, our friends said they were taking us to a Cuban restaurant.  We were a little surprised by the choice mainly because of having our two kids with us and not knowing what they would like.  We went to Rumba Cuban Café where we were greeted like family.  The food was amazing, and by amazing, I mean flavorful, colorful, tasty, mind blowing amazing!!!  There were plenty of choices for our two boys although the plate of Rumba Chips (plantain chips) was all they really wanted.  I would recommend this wonderful place to everyone, so yummy

Naples beach is one of my all time favorite beaches.  The powdery white sand it endless and the once in a while unique shell is worth the hours of hunting.  We have been here twice and we love every inch of the beach and pier.  We hope you enjoy these pictures, but you must experience this tropical oasis yourself to fully feel the spirit of Naples, Florida.

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20 thoughts on “Naples and Friends

  1. Tiffany Reply

    I love the photos! So much gorgeous beach as far as the eye can see. <3

    • admin Post authorReply

      WE had a blast playing in the ocean, eating ice cream on the pier and people watching.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Oh my goodness Karie, the beach is one of those places you never want to leave!

  2. Val Breeze Reply

    Neat location, might have to add it to our bucket list. I love your photos especially of the water. I am such a Pisces!

  3. Nicolette Reply

    I’ve only ever been to Orlando in Florida. Must branch out! I’ve heard so much about Florida beaches this year!

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